The only practical accessory for children sleeping on a plane

If you are a parent who has tried to get your restless child to sleep on a plane or indeed have ever sat in front or behind one, you will know how stressful it can be for all. The Armrest Buddy by Roamwild makes flying so comfortable for the parent, the child and is probably appreciated by the other 300 passengers on the plane. A specially designed super soft pillow slips snugly over the plane seat armrest and the built in blanket keeps the loved ones cosy and warm.

James Thorn, Head of Design at Roamwild and previously a senior product engineer at Dyson came up with the idea. “We were on the way back from Spain and my youngest refused to wear the travel neck pillow we bought for the trip. I spent most of the flight with my head in my hands - but the good news was it prompted me to come up with Armrest Buddy. I knew it was right after testing the first prototype. My son was asleep on the next flight we took, after only 10 mins - and now we have Armrest Buddy”

In summary The Armrest Buddy is:

  • A plush well-padded fun character that fits onto any armrest and doubles up as a pillow or super soft leaning area.
  • Also includes a generously sized kids travel blanket. Made from soft plush material, this keeps them warm whilst travelling long haul or short haul, and when not in use the child’s blanket neatly stores inside the soft toy.
  • Ideal for kids travelling by plane, car, bus, coach, train or ferry.
  • Made from all premium and hand washable fabrics.
  • A drop box with photos and a video


    Phone: 0208 327 0222

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