The Only Inflatable Highchair Solution - Designed By Parents For Parents

Often high chairs are not available when you need them whilst on the go. Look no further.  The Roamwild Airtushi is an inflatable high chair without compromise. Its unique design is totally safe, 100% padded for ultimate comfort and so easy to wipe clean after use. It also packs down extremely small so that it is completely portable wherever you and your child go.

James Thorn, Head of Design at Roamwild and previously a senior product engineer at Dyson came up with the idea. “I was at a friend’s house and went to put my youngest  in a portable high chair that attached to a chair. Shortly after, my son was moving around, and toppled sideways and as there was no support he fell out – luckily I caught him but I wasn’t happy using this product again so I designed Airtushi – The Inflatable Portable High Chair.”

In summary The Airtushi is:

  • The strongest portable high chair with rigid sides - This prevents sideways toppling.
  • Easy to clean and dry and 100% safe and secure.
  • The only collapsible travel high chair with padded seat, padded sides, padded backrest and a front bumper bar that aids sitting up development.
  • Packs down very small and can easily be stored in a handbag or under a stroller.
  • Compatible with Airplane seats – side slots allow the plane seat belt to pass through the product. Only to be used when seatbelt sign is switched off.
  • Compatible with folding camping chairs - Transforms a camping chair into a portable high chair.
  • Includes a 3 point safety harness

A drop box with photos and a video


Phone: 0208 327 0222

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