The Garden Tool Everyone Has Needed But Has Never Thought Of… Until Now

Keeping the garden tidy involves lots of pruning and usually needs several tools and a ladder. The Roamwild MultiCutter makes gardening a breeze and enjoyable even for those who find it a chore. Its clever design incorporates three tools in one: a pruner, hedger and folding saw. All in a compact lightweight tool that has handles that extend to 4 feet.

Lloyd Freedman, CEO (and an accountant) at Roamwild, asked his design team to get to work on developing a “super” tool that does it all. “Pruning is essential, but can be hard work - you need different tools for branches, hedges and delicate plants. I wanted a better way that saves money too-with just one tool.”

In summary the Roamwild Multi-Cutter is:

  • THREE garden tools in ONE – Ultra Lightweight hedge shears, powerful bypass lopper and unique attaching pruning saw all combined into ONE ultimate garden tool.
  • Telescopic tree pruner NO MORE NEED FOR LADDERS - The Multi-Cutter extends to over 4 feet (1.3m) - from 78cm / 31” to 130cm / 51” allowing you to reach and prune those high up hedges & branches. 
  • The unique patent pending secondary red grips on the handles allow a more balanced feel to the tool when tackling finer pruning jobs.
  • IT’S FAST - hedge clippers, bypass lopper and extending pruning saw all in ONE product, so no more stopping and starting or swapping tools.
  • QUALITY- chrome vanadium blades and light weight extending handles. Built to last.

A drop box with photos and a video


Phone: 0208 327 0222

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