How Dirty Is The Average Car

So just how dirty is the average every day car? We did research into the topic and it turns out they are filthier than you might think. 

Colony-Forming Units (CFU) is a unit to estimate the number of viable bacteria or fungel cells in one sample. Viable is defined as the ability to multiply via binary fission under controlled conditions. 

To depict the severity of bacteria found in a car, NCBI did a study and compared CFU in different places, and it's safe to say the results were astounding. 

A public toilet seat had 172 CFU, compared to a steering wheel in a car which had an astonishing 629 CFU - that's over three and half times more!

It was also found that the two most common bacteria types found inside a car are Staphylococcus bacteria which is the cause of many diseases such as food poisining, skin infections and MRSA, as well as Propionacterium which is the cause of inflamtion and infection.

These are just two of the most commonly found bacteria types in a car - there are over 700 bacteria strains living inside a typical car. 

The most common perpetrator of bacterial infestation inside a car is eating. So not only are those drive thrus no good for the body, they also don't do your car any favours either. Our advice would be to regularly clean the inside of your car to make sure it's as clean and hygenic as possible. 


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