How To Hang Your PestOff Bird Feeder

The PestOff Bird Feeder has several squirrel deterrent design elements. The large lid serves as a squirrel baffle to keep them from climbing down the feeder. If the squirrel does land on the feeder, the spring loaded perches will drop down under the squirrel's weight and deny access to the seed.

As with any squirrel proof bird feeder you must hang the PestOff Bird Feeder at least 18" (45cm) away from anything that a squirrel can stand on and reach out to grab the feeder. If a squirrel is standing on a deck railing and can reach your PestOff Bird Feeder, he is able to access the seed ports without activating the weight mechanisms. You can use the PestOff Bird Feeder Brackets to hang your PestOff Bird Feeder so that there is at least 18" (45cm) of clearance around the feeder. PestOff Bird Feeder Brackets are not included but are available separately online


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